Godot development, work report - April 2022 


  • Add CI build with clang sanitizers

  • Fix some issues found by clang sanitizers.
  • Fix a possible race condition on popup close.
  • Fix some issues found by cppcheck.
  • Make FileAccess and DirAccess classes reference counted (part 2).

Reference work:

GUI Improvements:

  • Fix center aligned text clipping.

  • Optimize font reloading speed.
  • Fix long selection performance.
  • Fix sub-menu keyboard navigation.
  • Fix OpenType property editor signal connection.
  • Implement Label3D node.

Reference work:

macOS platform fixes:

  • Add Blender autodetection.
  • Add bundle launch code for older (pre 10.15) macOS versions.
  • Fix OpenGL color space on HDR displays.

Reference work: