Godot development, work report - May 2022 

3D Nodes:

  • Expose Label3D and Sprite*3D material render priority properties.
  • Implement TextMesh.
  • Fix Label3D oversampling.
  • Backport Label3D / TextMesh and expose dynamic font vector outlines.
Reference work:

GUI, TextServer and Other improvements:

  • Fix resource dependence renaming.
  • Fix NavMap thread pool creating excessive amount of running threads.
  • Fix implementation of RTL remove_line()
  • Change registered initializers / terminators to the single function with level argument.
  • Add support for default argument values and static method binding.
  • Use new HashMap implementation in the TextServer and Font.
  • Fix incorrect oversampled font scaling.
  • Fix ZipIO crash when reused (and possible leaks).
  • Add support for shaping in background thread.
  • Fix help links with threaded RTL.
Reference work:

Platform specific fixes:

  • Improve error messages for missing rcedit and signtool.
  • Improve embedded PCK loading and exporting.
  • Fix TTS build issues on macOS and Linux.
  • Save and re-apply window icon when changing window style.
  • Enable crash reporter on MinGW builds.
Reference work: